The Fit command performs an LSQ (Least Squares) fit on dimensioned connectors, database curves and source curves. The connector grid points or curve control points are fit according to the Fit Tolerance. The Fit command can be useful for removing unwanted control points from linear connectors.

Use the Fit command to apply a Least Squares fit to its grid points.

Select connectors or curves to be fit, then Edit, Fit. Click OK to implement the fitting immediately using the default tolerance shown in the Fit Tolerance text field. Otherwise, uncheck the Use Default toggle to enter your own tolerance in the Fit Tolerance text field. Click Cancel to exit the Fit panel without saving any changes.

Use the Edit, Curve command to view the actual control point shape definition resulting from the fit of the grid or control points.


Tip: Sometimes you will want to apply the Fit command to linear connectors that are imported into Fidelity Pointwise via a segment file (*.dat) in order to remove unwanted control points.