The Combine T-Rex Cells command will be available when at least one T-Rex initialized block containing only tetrahedra and pyramids in the anisotropic layers is selected. This command will attempt to combine all anisotropic tetrahedra and pyramids into prisms and hexahedra. Cells will only be combined into hexahedra where T-Rex layers are formed from structured domains. Combination includes complete and incomplete layers of anisotropic tetrahedra. In some situations, prisms and hexahedra may not be created due to quality issues such as the resulting cell having a negative volume. Pyramids will be created as transition cells in some regions.

Combine T-Rex Cells
The results of the T-Rex cell combination are written to the Messages window.

After the cell combination is complete, a table showing the combination results is written to the Messages window.

See the Solver for Unstructured Blocks section for more information on using T-Rex for unstructured blocks.