The Points command is available regardless of selection. This command will create new database or source points which can be later used in any operations requiring picked points, such as curve creation or entity transformation.

Points Panel
Use the Points command to create new database or source points.

The Points panel contains a table at top tracking the number of points entered and three command frames.

Immediately below the summary table, you can define the Entity Type of your new points: Database or Source. Refer to the Terminology section for more information on the types of entities available in Fidelity Pointwise.

The standard Point Placement frame contains all the necessary commands to define points either directly via the keyboard or by picking them in the Display window. Note that points picked or clicked in the Display window will have their coordinates displayed in the XYZ text field.

Last but not least, the Points to Keep frame provides toggle commands to choose whether or not to retain the Points entered or clicked and whether or not to calculate and keep an Average Point. The last option becomes enabled once at least two points have been defined.

Points Average
Use the Average Point command to quickly calculate the XYZ coordinates of a point as the average of all the points currently being defined.


Create Points, Including Average Point Functionality

Creating Sources