Build Blocks

The Build Blocks command provides tools to quickly create farfield, structured and unstructured refinement and voxel blocks. Structured Refinement, Unstructured Refinement and Voxel block types are specifically designed for use with overset style grids and therefore are only available when an overset assembler has been selected. Please refer to the Grid, Overset command and associated Attributes tab for more information on the overset tools available and selecting an assembler. All block types produced via this command will have a rectangular cuboid shape. This command requires at least one domain or block be selected to be available. The selected entities provide location and size field reference for all of the Build Blocks block types.

Select Create, Build Blocks. A submenu (shown below) is provided to choose from a list of all the available block types: Farfield, Structured Refinement, Unstructured Refinement, and Voxel. This will be the default block type applied when the Build Blocks panel opens.

Build Blocks Submenu
The Build Blocks submenu is used to select the block type to be created upon opening the Build Blocks panel.
Build Blocks Panel
Use the Build Blocks command to create block topology quickly based on existing grid entities.

Block Type Frame

At the top of the Build Blocks panel, you will find the Block Type frame (shown below) where you can choose the block type to be created: Farfield, Structured Refinement, Unstructured Refinement, or Voxel. When you enter the Build Blocks panel for the first time, the Block Type will be selected directly via the menu. If the toolbar option was used, the toolbar icon updates to the last type used for quick access to the command and type.

Build Blocks Entity Type
Use the Block Type frame to change the block type selection if necessary after opening the command.

An overview of each Build Blocks type is provided below.

For more information on each of the Build Blocks types, choose a topic below: