The Assemble, Domains & Blocks command requires selection prior to use. The selection should consist of either connectors or both connectors and domains. Domains or blocks will be assembled from the selected entities. The type of domains or blocks created, structured or unstructured, is subject to the state of the Grid, Set Type command. Note that the Assemble command may require significant time to execute, depending on the entities selected.

The Assemble, Domains & Blocks command automatically assembles domains and/or blocks based on topology.

The Domains Blocks panel provides a few controls over the automated assembly logic. In the Entities to Assemble frame, you can choose whether Domains Only should be created, or both Domains and Blocks. By default, Assemble is set to create both Domains and Blocks.

Options in the Topology frame allow you to control how topology is considered for domain assembly. The Manifold checkbox, which is off by default, allows connectors to only be used twice at most. The Solid checkbox assumes that all the topology selected essentially forms a closed volume and will continue looking for domain loop paths where all candidate connectors have only been used once. This option is on by default when Domains and Blocks is selected for Entities to Assemble and off by default if Domains Only is selected.

On the toolbar, the Assemble command’s functionality is available through the Assemble Domains (Assemble Domains) or Assemble Blocks (Assemble Blocks) commands. The latter may also create domains if necessary. Neither of these commands opens a panel, but they do employ the settings from your last use of Assemble, Domains & Blocks.