When exporting to UGRID, the Set Solver Attributes panel provides a setting for specifying the extension type. Select Detailed to have the extension reflect the endianness of the host machine. Select Simple to export using the *.ugrid extension. Detailed is the default selection.

CAE, Solver Attributes, UGRID
The extension type can be specified for UGRID solver export.

The Extension Type setting is used in combination with the options in the File Format and Byte Order frames in the UGRID CAE Export panel to determine the appropriate extension for the exported file. The table below shows the file extensions used for the Binary and Unformatted file format options. Exporting using the ASCII format uses the simple *.ugrid extension.

File Format Big Endian Little Endian
Binary *.b8.ugrid *.lb8.ugrid
Unformatted *.r8.ugrid *.lr8.ugrid

Tip: If you need to export a file using the opposite endianness of the host machine, you can use the Swap Bytes option in the Byte Order frame during export. For more information, see File, Export, CAE.


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