The Set Solver Attributes panel provides a number of additional settings for export to the Kestrel CAE format.

CAE, Solver Attributes, Kestrel
Set Solver Attributes provides additional options for Kestrel solver export.

The Export AVMesh File Version attributes allows you to specify which AVMesh version is used during export and has options Version1 and Version2. By default, Export AVMesh File Version is set to Version2

The Contact Info and Description attributes allow you to specify the contact information and a description for the file to be exported, respectively. By default, Contact Info is left blank and Description is set to Mesh exported from Pointwise.

The Coordinate System attribute allows you to specify the mesh coordinate system and has 3 options: xByUzL, xByRzU, and xFyRzD.

The following Description and Name attributes allow you to specify a mesh description and mesh name, respectively. By default, Description is set to Pointwise Mesh 1 and Name is set to PointwiseMesh1.

The next two attributes allow you to specify the Reference Area for force and moment calculations and the Reference Length for computing the Reynolds number. Both attributes have a default value of 1.0.

The next four attributes allow you to specify the reference point. Use the Reference Point Description attribute to specify a description for the reference point. The default value is origin. Use the Reference Point X, Reference Point Y, and Reference Point Z attributes to specify the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the reference point, respectively. The default is (0, 0, 0).

The Scale attribute allows you to specify the global scale of the mesh. The default value is 1.0.

The Units attribute allows you to specify the units of the mesh. The options are: in (inches), ft (feet), m (meters), and cm (centimeters).


Specifying CAE Solver Attributes