The image below shows a preview of the solver attributes panel. You can specify a block numbering scheme, turn on additional messages regarding block numbering output, and set a maximum cache size when writing EXODUS II CAE export files.

CAE, Solver Attributes, Exodus II
The solver attributes for EXODUS II include block number scheme, log verbosity, and maximum cache size.

BlockNumberScheme can be set to one of three options:

Option Description
IdAuto Uses IdOnly for homogeneous cell-type blocks and IdWithType for mixed cell-type blocks (default).
IdOnly Uses the VC ID as the block ID directly.
IdWithType Combines the VC ID with the cell type ID to form a block number which should eliminate possible conflicts.

Setting LogVerbosity to On will write additional block numbering details to the Messages window.

MaxCacheSize can be used to limit, in MB, the amount of RAM available to the plugin for export. This setting should only be necessary for systems with limited memory. The default value of 0 (zero) will use dynamic allocation. This is suitable for most applications.