The Set Solver Attributes panel provides additional settings for export to the CGNS CAE format.

CAE, Solver Attributes, CGNS
The file type and units can be specified for CGNS solver export.

The File Type attribute can be set to one of the following two options to specify the file type used on export: hdf5 or adf.

The Units attribute, allows to specify the units of the mesh as a sub-node of the coordinates. The options are: UserDefined, Meters, Centimeters, Millimeters, Feet, and Inches.

The Use Family Conditions attribute can be set to either true or false. If set to true (default), boundary and volume condition data is written using Family nodes (SIDS best practice). On the other hand, if set to false, this data is written directly to each Zone (legacy/Fidelity mode).


Specifying CAE Solver Attributes