Select a boundary condition by selecting the appropriate row in the Boundary Conditions list. Currently selected boundary conditions appear as highlighted rows in the boundary condition list. In addition, the grid entities (connectors in 2D and domains in 3D) assigned to the selected boundary conditions are rendered in the Display window in the color associated with the boundary condition. Boundary condition colors are displayed in the # column once a row is a selected (shown below).


Note: Selecting rows in the Boundary Conditions list will highlight in the Display window any domains with the selected boundary conditions.

CAE, Set BCs, Selecting BCs
Selecting a row in the Set BC panel shows domains set to that boundary condition in its color in the Display window.

Tip: If you are setting boundary conditions for a more complex grid, picking domains by hand can be tedious. To make this process go faster, enter an Angle Limit in the toolbar and use the Select, Adjacent command.

The Add to Selection option is only active when at least one row of the table is selected. It adds to the current selection any boundary entity having boundary conditions from the selected rows. The selection remains active after the Set BC panel is closed.


Setting CAE Boundary Conditions

CAE Preprocessing