Pointwise Plugin SDK
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apiPWP.cxx File Reference
#include <string.h>
#include "apiPWP.h"
#include "apiPWPUtils.h"
#include "apiUtils.h"
#include "rtPwpVersions.h"
#include "rtPwpInitItems.h"
#include "rtPwpPluginInfo.h"
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PWP_BOOL PwpActivateAPI (const char api[])
 Activates the plugin for a given API spec. More...
PWP_VOID PwpDestroy ()
 Called by framework just before plugin library is closed. More...
const char * PwpEnumAPIs (PWP_UINT32 ndx, PWP_APIINFO *pInfo)
 Enumerates the APIs supported by this plugin. More...
PWP_UINT32 PwpGetAPICount ()
 Get the number of APIs supported by this plugin. More...
PWP_MESSAGECB PwpGetMessageCallback (const char api[])
 Gets the current message callback. More...
 Get information about this plugin. More...
PWP_BOOL PwpGetValue (const char group[], const char key[], PWP_HVALUE hVal)
 Get the value for a grouped key. More...
PWP_BOOL PwpInitialize ()
 Initializes the plugin. More...
PWP_BOOL PwpIsLicensed (const char api[], const PWP_LICENSEDATA *pLicenseData)
 Determines if plugin api is licensed for use on this machine. More...
PWP_VOID PwpSetLanguage (const char language[])
 Sets the active language. More...
PWP_MESSAGECB PwpSetMessageCallback (const char api[], PWP_MESSAGECB msgCallback)
 Sets the message callback function for the given api. More...


char __dummy [-1+(2 *(int)(sizeof(void *)==sizeof(PWP_INT)))]
PWP_UINT32 publishedApiCnt = (PWP_UINT32)(sizeof( pwpRtItem )/sizeof( pwpRtItem [0])) - 2
 The total # of published entries in pwpRtItem[]. More...
PWU_RTITEM pwpRtItem []
 The runtime array of PWU_RTITEM items. More...
PWP_UINT32 totalApiCnt = (PWP_UINT32)(sizeof( pwpRtItem )/sizeof( pwpRtItem [0]))
 The total # of published and unpublished entries in pwpRtItem[]. More...

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