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Pointwise CAE Plugin API Specification (CAEP-API)
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#define CAEP_VALUE_GROUP   "SDK.Plugin.CAE"

Detailed Description

In addition to the CAEP-API, all CAE Plugins must also implement the Pointwise Plugin API. This is the base API used by Pointwise to load and manage plugins.

CAE Plugins also use the Pointwise Grid Model API (PWGM-API) for read-only access to the grid model data being exported.

See also
PWP-API specification , PWGM-API specification

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Definition at line 51 of file apiCAEP.h.



Definition at line 50 of file apiCAEP.h.



Definition at line 53 of file apiCAEP.h.


#define CAEP_VALUE_GROUP   "SDK.Plugin.CAE"

The private SDK.CAEP group.

See also

Definition at line 49 of file apiCAEP.h.