The re-extrusion solver mode type

Derives From

pw::Object pw::Mode pw::Solver pw::ExtrusionSolver


This mode is used to re-extrude an entity that was previously extruded using the pw::ExtrusionSolver mode.

To create a mode of this type, use the pw::Application.begin command with the mode ReExtrusionSolver specified, like this:

set solver [pw::Application begin ReExtrusionSolver $entities]
pw::ReExtrusionSolverThe re-extrusion solver mode type
Instance Actions
runThis action runs the reextrusion solver.

Instance Actions


$solver run ?-entities ents? ?Restart | steps?

This action runs the reextrusion solver.


-entities entsThis optional parameter is a subset of the entities in the solver mode to reextrude.  If this parameter is not given the solver will be run on all the entities of the solver mode.
RestartThe optional string mode.  Clears all extrusion steps back to the base domain.
stepsThe optional integer number of steps to extrude.  Default is 1.


This action returns nothing.


This command supports progress updates.  Unlike most commands that support progress updates, if the user aborts this command, instead of reverting to the previous state the entities being solved will be left as is.



$solver run           ;# extrude 1 step
$solver run 5         ;# extrude 5 steps
$solver run Restart   ;# clear all extrusion steps
$solver run Restart 9 ;# INVALID

See also pw.Solver

$solver run ?-entities ents? ?Restart | steps?
This action runs the reextrusion solver.
Base type for all glyph types
The mode base type
The solver mode type
The extrusion solver mode type
pw::Application begin ?-mode_specific_flags? mode ?entities?
This action begins a mode in the application.
A string is an array of characters.
An integer is a whole number.