The modification mode type

Derives From

pw::Object pw::Mode


This mode is used to modify entities separate from existing entities, which will stop any automatic entity merging from occuring while defining entities within this mode.

To create a mode of this type, use the pw::Application.begin command with the mode Modify specified, like this:

set modifier [pw::Application begin Modify $entities]

This mode supports the following flags in the pw::Application.begin command:

-notopologyNormally when an entity is specified for modification, a copy of it and all of its support entities are created.  This flag suppresses the copy of the support entities.  For pw::Block objects, this prevents the block’s domains and connectors from being copied.  For pw::Domain objects, it prevents the domain’s connectors from being copied.  It has no effect on pw::DatabaseEntity or pw::Connector objects.  If you make changes to objects that were not specified in the begin command, they will not be reverted if the mode is aborted.
Base type for all glyph types
The mode base type
pw::Application begin ?-mode_specific_flags? mode ?entities?
This action begins a mode in the application.
A block is a volume grid bounded by one or more pw::Faces.
A domain is a computationally two-dimensional grid entity, bounded by one or more pw::Edges.
Base type for all database entities
A connector is a computationally one-dimensional grid entity, defined in the parameter space of one or more end-connected curve segments.