The high order solver mode type

Derives From

pw::Object pw::Mode pw::Solver


To create a mode of this type, use the pw::Application.begin command with the mode HighOrderSolver specified, like this:

set solver [pw::Application begin HighOrderSolver $entities]
pw::HighOrderSolverThe high order solver mode type
Instance Actions
runThis action runs the high order solver solver.

Instance Actions


$solver run ?-entities ents? steps ?-skipAfter skip_positions? ?export_spec?

This action runs the high order solver solver.


-entities entsThe optional subset of the entities in the solver mode to elevate.  If this parameter is not given the solver will be run on all the entities of the solver mode.
stepsThe required integer number of iterations for each WCN Smoothing pass.  Default is 100.
export_specThe high order file export specification as a list of filetype filename pairs.  Where filetype is one of <CGNS | Gmsh | VTU | Kestrel>.  This option is required if no skip_positions are defined.  The specified high order mesh files are exported before the action returns.
-skipAfter skip_positionsOptional index positions at which smoothing passes should be skipped.  This is used to journal interactive skip locations.  This option should never be used by script writers.


This action returns nothing.


At least one of export_spec or skip_positions must be provided.  Invocations of `$solver run -skipAfter` without an export_spec do no work other than to append the skip positions to an internal list.

Only the final invocation of `$solver run` should specify an export_spec.  The presence of an export_spec starts the elevation and export process using any cached skip_positions.

This action supports progress updates.  No blocks are modified by this action.  The elevated mesh is discarded after the requested exports have been written.



# Elevate all mode blocks using 75 iterations per smoothing step
# and write the elevated mesh to a CGNS file named file.cgns and
# a VTU file named
$solver run 75 {CGNS file.cgns VTU}

See also pw.Solver

$solver run ?-entities ents? steps ?-skipAfter skip_positions? ?export_spec?
This action runs the high order solver solver.
Base type for all glyph types
The mode base type
The solver mode type
pw::Application begin ?-mode_specific_flags? mode ?entities?
This action begins a mode in the application.
An integer is a whole number.