Top 8 Reasons to Attend the Pointwise UGM 2011

You'll be first. You will be one of the first people in the world to get hands-on with Pointwise Version 17, the culmination of over 30 man-years of developing a next-generation mesh generator. Pointwise has it all, from reading native CAD files to custom plugins for exporting to your CFD solver and everything in between, including structured, unstructured, and hybrid meshing with T-Rex. Not only does Pointwise do things that Gridgen won't ever do, but everything it does takes less effort.

Training Seminar at Pointwise UGM 2010

Say it with me: Bar-be-cue

Presenting your work at the Pointwise UGM is not just a one-way street. Here's how Dr. Jed Marquart from Ohio Northern summed up his experience: “Presenting at the Pointwise UGM afforded a great opportunity for me to share the success that we are having at Ohio Northern University using the Pointwise software in an undergraduate CFD course. It also provided the venue to learn from other users and discuss their applications and techniques, so that I could take this back to my classroom and my research.”

Put a face with a name. You know those people you've exchanged emails with or talked to on the phone but never met in person? Chris and Heather from our sales team, Wenny and George from our support team, and everyone else at Pointwise wants to meet you and learn more about how you do CFD.

Interact with partners. You'll share two intense days of mesh generation and CFD with our customers, staff, and partners. Our partners will be able to demonstrate how their software products complement ours and how the two products working together can solve your CFD problems. Dr. Durrell Rittenberg from Tecplot says it this way: “We exhibit at the Pointwise UGM to connect with leading engineers and scientists using CFD in their work. These users know that selecting the best tools for the job leads to better productivity.”

One airline ticket, twice the benefits. For the price of a single airline ticket you get hands-on training and interaction with Pointwise staff plus a day of networking with other experts where you'll share best practices and stay on CFD's leading edge.

Help shape the future. You'll get to see and hear about the first steps we've taken toward Pointwise V18. We might even have some preliminary results to show in areas like meshing algorithms, complex geometry, and massive grids. Because your CFD is what inspires us to tackle these difficult challenges, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback on our future plans.

Perfect weather. We guarantee that your visit and enjoyment of beautiful downtown Fort Worth won't be interrupted by a week-long ice storm like we had during Super Bowl week. Leave the parka at home.

Perfect Weather

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