Three Steps to the Pointwise User Group Meeting

As you are updating your calendar with the coming months' events such as Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day, don't forget to add the most important event for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshers: the Pointwise User Group Meeting. It is two days filled with training seminars, technical sessions, previews of upcoming Pointwise development, a special short course and networking opportunities, including a welcome reception, the CFD Gallery, and a schedule-your-flight-around After Party.

Pointwise User Group Meeting, 19-20 March 2013

Here's how to make sure you don't miss the Pointwise User Group Meeting. There are three easy steps.

First, stop everything you are doing and click on Register Today. This will take you to our registration form, where you can pick and choose the activities in which you'd like to participate. We, of course, recommend attending all activities, but it's your choice.

Second, click on Hotel Registration. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth within walking distance of all of our events. The free Molly the Trolly can take you almost anywhere else you'd like to go downtown. Hotel registration deadline is 18 February.

Third, open up that special grid file. You know the one. The one you open, look at admiringly and think, “Now this is legit!” Take your masterpiece and submit it to The Meshy Award Contest. Your grid may be immortalized on a Meshy Award winning T-shirt. Submission deadline is 22 February.

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