Save Time on Geometry Cleanup

If you are not clear about how Pointwise's Fault Tolerant Meshing and Solid Meshing work and how they can save you time with geometry cleanup, you should have watched our webinar, &rdquot;How to Work with Dirty CAD While Meshing a Naval Ship Hull,“ back in December. Don't worry if you missed it though because it was recorded, and it is available for viewing at your convenience on our website at

Geometry for the Dirty CAD Webinar
Figure 1 - The Dirty CAD webinar uses this ship hull geometry for meshing.

The main topics covered in the webinar are

  • Using Fault Tolerant Meshing to handle gaps and overlaps in CAD models at the mesh level without having to clean up the CAD geometry flaws
  • Importing or creating a watertight geometry and defining meshing regions using Solid Meshing
  • Creating missing parts of the geometry with Pointwise's geometry creation tools
  • How to build meshes without any CAD geometry at all

The presentation portion of the webinar lasts about 30 minutes, but stick around for the question and answer period also. It lasts for another 30 minutes, and we got a lot of good questions so chances are that during the webinar someone asked the questions you want answered.

In addition to the recorded webinar video, the CAD geometry files and Pointwise file used during the webinar are available for download from our website so you can try out for yourself what you learn.

If you like video learning, be sure to check out the other videos on our website at

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