Pointwise Version 17.1 R4 Is Available

Pointwise Version 17.1 R4 is available for production use and includes several new features in addition to several bug fixes.

Pointwise now reads and writes files for the GridPro (www.gridpro.com) structured grid generation software from Program Development Co. Pointwise exports both structured and unstructured surface grids to GridPro's fixed surfaces file formats for use in GridPro as a geometry definition. Pointwise imports the structured volume grid files (both elemental and merged) generated by GridPro. These new capabilities allow the user of both codes to use Pointwise as a geometry preprocessor for GridPro and to use Pointwise to create a hybrid mesh on top of the grids generated by GridPro.

Compatibility with the CFD solver TAU (tau.dlr.de) from DLR is also included in this latest Pointwise release. TAU is known for its efficient parallel processing on hybrid unstructured meshes and its ability to handle flowfields from the subsonic to hypersonic.

Other new features in V17.1 R4 include

  1. The CAE Plugin SDK now supports the creation of object oriented CAE exporter plugins using C++. In addition, the PwpFile class adds file IO functionality that is not available in the C API.
  2. The Edit Curve command now provides functions for easily deleting multiple control points at once instead of one at a time.
  3. Pointwise can export both Sets and Zones via the OpenFOAM® plugin. Users can define collections of faces and cells in the CAE, Set Volume Conditions panel and choose to write out faceSets, faceZones, cellSets, and cellZones through the CAE, Set Solver Attributes panel.

More Information and Downloads

You can read about all the fixes in the Resolved Issues section of the Release Notes: www.pointwise.com/support/release-notes.html.

The new release is available for download from our web site: www.pointwise.com/downloads/.

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