Pointwise Version 17.1

Pointwise Version 17.1 is now available for production use.

This release includes two major features:

  • An advancing front unstructured surface mesher
  • Read/write times for the Pointwise project (.pw) file are up to 100 times faster.

Other new features in V17.1 include the following:

  • The On Database Entities command for creating connectors has been extended to work directly with Database Boundaries (the minimum and maximum iso-parametric lines of an untrimmed surface, as well as trimmed surface and quilt boundaries).
  • The Edit menu's Add Faces command has been extended to also provide removal of faces from an unstructured block. The command is now called Add/Remove Faces.
  • Adding and removing edges to unstructured domains has been added to the Edit menu.
  • When copying a distribution of grid points from one connector to another, the direction of the connectors being copied from is now displayed.
  • The Distribute command now provides the ability to probe the grid spacing values at individual grid points.
  • Twenty-two new accelerator keys (for example, Ctrl+J to invoke Join) have been added across the product, providing one-touch access to frequently used commands.
  • Glide (whether or not the display continues to pan, zoom, or rotate after you stop moving the mouse) can now be toggled on or off as a preference.
  • The CAE exporters for CFX, Cobalt, SC/Tetra, and STAR-CD have been rewritten to dovetail with the addition of new face-based data structures to Pointwise's CAE Plugin API (www.pointwise.com/plugins).
  • Global grid and flow attributes (for example, freestream Mach number and units) now can be set and exported for the CAE solvers that support them.

Pointwise V17.1 also includes a number of defect corrections.

More Information and Downloads

You can read about all the changes in V17.1 on our website in the Resolved Issues section of the Release Notes and on the Pointwise product page.

The new release is available for download from our website.

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