Pointwise Version 17.0 R2

Pointwise Version 17.0 R2 is now available for production use. In addition to many resolved issues, this release incorporates several new features, including three new CAE solver interfaces.

The three new CAE solver interfaces are

  1. SU2 from Stanford University
  2. NSU3D from Prof. Dimitri Mavriplis' Scientific Simulations
  3. ShipIR from W.R. Davis Engineering

Other new features in V17.0 R2 include the following

  1. The table of boundary conditions for the T-Rex unstructured mesh solver is now sortable.
  2. The minimum level of Linux support has been raised to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. (RHEL 4 has been discontinued by RedHat, and is no longer supported.)
  3. Seven Glyph commands have options added to make them more consistent across all entity types. Also, five commands were added or modified in order to provide entity-like support for nodes (despite nodes not being a supported Glyph entity).

More Information and Downloads

You can read about all the fixes in the Resolved Issues section of the Release Notes: www.pointwise.com/support/release-notes.html.

The new release is available for download from our web site: www.pointwise.com/downloads.

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