Pointwise User Group Meeting Training Has In-Depth Focus

Lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises to encourage in-depth learning will be featured during four training sessions and a special short course at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas, on 19-20 March. Training sessions will be on 19 March. The general session will be 20 March.

Training sessions will include the following topics:

Tips and Expert Tricks for Structured Meshing

Pointwise technical support engineers will cover techniques to get started on a structured grid, tips to keep data organized for more efficient access and easier meshing, and tools to generate a grid topology that does not conform to the geometry's boundaries. Topics include

  • Topology Planning
  • Tough Geometries
  • Using the Layer Manager
  • Creating the Geometry Topology You Need
  • Creating Connectors Directly on Database Entities
  • Domain and Block Assembly

Smoothing Structured Meshes

This session teaches how to unleash the power of Pointwise's elliptic smoothing algorithm to improve grid quality and meet the mesh requirements in viscous solutions. Also to be covered are the purposes of attributes in the solver and when to use them. Hands-on experience using these tools and settings will be offered to help learn and retain the information covered.

  • Structured Solver for Domains and Blocks
  • Domain Initialization Methods
  • Attribute Settings
  • Interior and Boundary Control Functions
  • Subgrids

Using Plugins to Streamline Your Process

Pointwise supports CAE plugins to export grid and boundary condition data in a format that is not already supported by Pointwise. CAE plugins integrate seamlessly with the familiar Pointwise workflow (GUI and Glyph scripting) and are able to export grid and boundary condition data directly to any desired file format. This presentation will cover the creation of a CAE plugin using the Pointwise CAE Plugin SDK.

  • Download and Install the Plugin SDK
  • Create an “Empty” Plugin Project
  • Configure a Plugin's Characteristics
  • Access the Pointwise Grid Model
  • Build Your Plugin on All Supported Platforms

Pointwise's New Features

Many new features have been added to Pointwise this year, including CAE solver functionality, a new project file format that can yield up to 100x faster read/write times, and other tools to make meshing faster and easier. Topics covered in this session include

  • Advancing Front Surface Mesher
  • New CAE Exporters
  • New .PW File Format
  • Face-based Data for the CAE Plugin API
  • CAE Solver Attributes
  • Add/Remove Edges to Domains
  • Add/Remove Faces to Blocks
  • Creating Connectors on Geometry Boundaries
  • Glide Toggle
  • New Accelerators
  • New Distribute Probe for Grid Point Spacing

Special Short Course: Meshing Forensics, How to Recover When Things Go Wrong

Whether a new Pointwise user or a seasoned veteran, anyone can run into a situation they did not expect. The mesh takes a turn for the worse and a solution may not be readily apparent. The Meshing Forensics short course will demonstrate various techniques for recovering when things go wrong.

Demonstrations will cover

  • Improving grid quality by mastering the Examine menu
  • Identifying situations in which join and split operations are not applicable
  • Distinguishing between green and purple domains
  • Quickly finding and patching holes or gaps in the geometry and mesh
  • Recognizing an empty or poorly initialized domain and how to fix it

Discount for Early Registration

The Pointwise User Group Meeting 2013 will be at the Embassy Suites-Fort Worth, Downtown. The hotel is holding a block of rooms for the meeting at the special group rate of $179 per night. The special rate will be available until 18 February or until the group block is sold out. To reserve a room, call 817-332-6900 and reference the group code “POI” or Pointwise User Group Meeting.

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