Pointwise Training an Investment in Meshing Skills, Best Practices

Pointwise training courses equip you with the skills to generate good grids using the best approaches to overcome many common preprocessing challenges. Suitable for both novice and experienced Pointwise users, the courses cover the latest features and best practices. Pointwise training provides attendees with hands-on tutorials guided by an experienced staff offering one-on-one assistance.

Glyph Scripting Course

The Glyph Scripting Course, a mixture of lecture and hands-on exercises, includes everything you will need to begin writing your own macros and templates.

  • Automating mesh generation using Glyph scripting
  • Demonstrating basic Tcl syntax and conventions
  • Illustrating of how to transition from Glyph 1 to Glyph 2 scripts
  • Creating meshes using Glyph to extrude grid entities
  • Explaining and demonstrating basic Tk widget creation
  • Creating procedures for commonly used Glyph methods

The Glyph Scripting Course will be offered on 16-18 September.

Pointwise Standard Course

The three-day Pointwise Standard Course covers everything from the user interface to automation via Glyph scripting.

Day 1

  • Introduction: Review Pointwise basics, including the Graphical User Interface (GUI), Pointwise terminology and meshing concepts.
  • Database Creation: Create a simple 3D database using the most commonly employed database tools, including curve and surface creation and the layer manager.
  • 3D Structured: Practice creating connectors and assembling domains and blocks to create an axi-symmetric grid on the database you created.
  • Structured Solver: Learn every detail about the elliptic PDE solver attributes and when and where certain attribute settings make sense.

Day 2

  • 3D Unstructured: Create a simple 3D unstructured grid using techniques for curve creation, grid point distribution, and more.
  • Unstructured Solver: Learn how to control tri- and tet-cell sizes and about the tools that help you automatically cluster unstructured domains to underlying database curvature.
  • Extrusions: Tackle all the extrusion types supported by Pointwise - Normal, Rotate, Translate and Path -- and face assembly for extrusions. See how to combine extrusions into hybrid grid topologies.
  • More Tools: Delve deeper into editing tools, connector dimension and distribution commands, and other tools.

Day 3

  • Solid Modeling: Use Pointwise's solid modeling capability - model and quilt assembly and surface trimming - to overcome inconsistencies in CAD data and make meshing more efficient.
  • T-Rex: A thorough overview of the concepts underlying the anisotropic tetrahedral meshing tool (T-Rex) equips you to use this powerful tool, including setup in the unstructured solver, using push attributes for top-down mesh control, and prism recombination from the resulting tetrahedra.
  • Glyph: Receive an introduction to Pointwise's powerful scripting capabilities and learn more about how to use this time saving tool to create templates and macros.

There will be one more Pointwise Standard Course this year, on 7-9 October.

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Classes in Fort Worth, Texas are free for customers with current maintenance.

If you would like to have either of these courses taught at your company or have a course customized to your needs, Pointwise will be happy to travel to your site and provide training for up to 25 attendees. Email training@pointwise.com for more information.

Pointwise classes are an investment in yourself that will pay off for you and your company.

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