Minimum Linux Requirements Upgraded for Pointwise

The minimum operating system requirements for Linux users of the Pointwise CFD mesh generation software will be upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with the next production release of the product.

The Pointwise software will be built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5. More specifically, the following minimum package versions will be required for its use.

  • libstdc++-4.1.2-44
  • libgcc-4.1.2-44
  • glibc-2.5-34
  • glib2-2.12.3-2
  • libX11-1.0.3-9

Preliminary discussions with a select group of customers indicated that this upgrade should not result in any incompatibilities.

Reasons for the Upgrade

Red Hat end-of-lifed RHEL 4 last month, February 2012, and this prevents us from certifying the latest version of Pointwise on Linux. The operating system is quite old (RHEL 4 was released in 2005) and most if not all customers have already updated their systems.

We believe that building Pointwise on a relatively old operating system negatively impacts compatibility with other Linux distributions. While Pointwise only officially supports RHEL, customers are reporting withnincreasing frequency problems on SUSE, Ubuntu, and CentOS Linux distributions. The upgrade should eliminate some of these problems.

Use of the older RHEL 4 was making it quite difficult for us maintain our build system because it was hard to find components that still support RHEL 4. In addition, we could not take advantage of some technical advancements in compilers and libraries that are not available on RHEL 4.

Comments and Questions

Any comments or question on the upgraded minimum Linux requirements listed above should be emailed to

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