Long-time Pointwise Distributor VINAS Focuses on Efficiency, Upgrading Workflow Management

As the exclusive Pointwise distributor for Japan since 1996, VINAS Co. Ltd. has developed a high level of technical staff competency in general mesh generation techniques and in Pointwise usage specifically. VINAS provides direct technical support to Pointwise customers in Japan and conducts consulting projects using Pointwise and other CAE software they sell and support. Their Pointwise expertise runs the gamut from structured meshing for aerospace and turbomachinery applications, to hybrid T-Rex meshing complex geometries, and developing Glyph scripts to automate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) preprocessing.

CFD Process Automation Tool developed by VINAS.
Figure 1: CFD Process Automation Tool developed by VINAS.

VINAS sells and supports a variety of CAE tools: Pointwise, FieldView and CRUNCH CFD for CFD; TOSCA, Sculptor, TURBOdesign, and Phoenix Integration for optimization and design process control; Oofelie for multiphysics, and; TransMagic for CAD data conversion. Using their experience with this wide range of CFD tools has enabled VINAS to develop their own CAE products: Super Matrix Solver for accelerated solution of systems of linear equations; and CCNV for controlling jobs in a cloud computing environment. Much of their work in recent years has been towards making CAE applications more efficient and easier to use in the cloud.

VINAS will host its 2013 users' conference in Tokyo on 10-11 October. This annual conference usually has attendance in excess of 500 people and is expected to reach 600 attendees this year. The program includes presentations from engineers and scientists from around the world showing applications of all of the software VINAS represents in a variety of industries. The themes of this year's conference are improving efficiency of engineering workflows, handling big data, and high-performance computing. For more information and to register visit www.vinas.com/en/ugm2013.

The VINAS Users Conference will be on 10-11 October in Tokyo.
Figure 2: The VINAS Users Conference will be on 10-11 October in Tokyo.

The keynote speaker at the VINAS Users Conference 2013 will be Satoshi Itoh from the Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS), RIKEN, who will speak about industrial application of the K Computer, one of the top five fastest computers in the world. Pointwise related papers will be presented by Masanori Hashimoto of VINAS, who will highlight some of the latest features in Pointwise; Dr. Rick Matus of Pointwise, who will discuss integration of Pointwise into CFD workflows; Dr. Chris Sideroff of WR Davis Engineering, showing how Pointwise is used to integrate infrared signature and CFD software; Kyoji Ishikawa from Chiyoda Corporation, presenting the use of cloud computing in industrial plant design, and Professor Chisachi Kato from the University of Tokyo, demonstrating the large-scale calculations with the FrontFlow/Blue finite-element based CFD code.

In addition, Carolyn Woeber from Pointwise will conduct two Pointwise training workshops in conjunction with the conference: an introductory workshop for new users and an advanced workshop for experienced users.

Over many years of working together, VINAS and Pointwise have established a team relationship that has helped both companies to grow in size and expertise. Because of its large user base working on challenging problems, VINAS has provided many ideas for improvement of Pointwise software and has helped many customers reach their goals.

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