Let's Talk Meshing Workshop - Stuttgart

The first international Pointwise Let's Talk Meshing Workshop, Pointwise Training and Product Roadmap, is being co-hosted by Pointwise and CFD Beratung at the Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum (HLRS), Universität Stuttgart on Monday, 16 November in Stuttgart, Germany.

“As a longtime distributor of Pointwise's meshing tools, CFD Beratung is happy to co-host the Let's Talk Meshing Workshop in Stuttgart,” says Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Fuchs the owner of CFD Beratung. “This event will be beneficial to both current customers and organizations who are thinking about adding Pointwise as their meshing tool.” While similar in nature to a user group meeting, the Let's Talk Meshing Workshop is a one-day event focusing on Pointwise training and product updates. Pointwise's senior engineering staff from its headquarters in the U.S. will travel to Germany to lead this event.

The morning training session, “Strategies for Multiblock Structured Meshing of Turbine Blades,” will be taught by Pointwise's senior meshing specialist, Mr. Erick Gantt. Mr. Gantt will teach the skills and techniques needed to efficiently create multiblock structured meshes for turbine blades from start to finish. He will demonstrate which topologies work best for these types of geometries as well how to create them. Also, Mr. Gantt will give tips on how to address common structured grid generation issues that arise and how to generate the right high-quality mesh for each application.

The manager of Pointwise's technical support team, Ms. Carolyn Woeber, will lead the afternoon training session, “Using T-Rex to Generate Unstructured Hexahedra for a Volute.” “Creating hexahedra for complex volute geometries can be a time-consuming but necessary task to get desired levels of accuracy,” says Ms. Woeber. “In this session, you will discover how to leverage T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion) to create unstructured hexahedra quickly in these instances.” Ms. Woeber will demonstrate best practices for generating both surface and volume meshes in addition to illustrating how to troubleshoot problem areas in a mesh.

The Let's Talk Meshing Workshop also includes a short course on Pointwise's Tcl-based scripting language, Glyph. Glyph enables customization of the meshing process and fully automatic mesh generation. This short course will be taught by Mr. Travis Carrigan, a senior engineer at Pointwise. “Glyph scripting is one of Pointwise's most powerful features, enabling you to automate all or part of your grid generation process,” notes Mr. Carrigan. “In this short course I will cover the basics of both Tcl and Glyph, including best practices, and conclude with a real Glyph scripting application.” Pointwise vice president, Rick Matus, Ph.D, will give a talk on the Pointwise software product roadmap.

“This is the first Let's Talk Meshing workshop we have held outside the U.S.” says Dr. Matus. “I'm looking forward to interacting with European customers as we hold training sessions on advanced Pointwise functionality, give them a preview of new meshing developments we are working on, and hear about their experiences using our software. It should be a busy, but productive and enjoyable, event.”

The full workshop agenda may be viewed at www.pointwise.com/workshops. This event is free and is open to anyone who may want to attend. Attendees do not need to be current customers. Preregistration is required.

For more information on this and other Let's Talk Meshing events, see our web page at www.pointwise.com/solutions.

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