CFD Consulting Services Puts Experience to Work Finding Solutions for You

Pointwise's Applied Research Group offers consulting services that include help with difficult grids, temporary assistance during a period of heavy workload, customization of Pointwise for your computational fluid dynamics (CFD) environment and complete CFD solutions and post-processing.

Our engineers have more than 40 years of experience developing, supporting and applying mesh generation software for CFD applications. Their proven track record for getting the job done will give you the assurance they will deliver the results and data you need, emphasizing grid and solution quality.

Mesh Generation Services

Pointwise's project engineers have an intimate understanding of meshing based on extensive industrial applied CFD experience. They will perform every step of your meshing project:

  • Planning
  • Meshing
  • Preprocessing
  • Formatting for your CFD solver

When our engineers mesh complex geometries for you, you can focus on the CFD solver and other parts of your project. The mesh can be delivered in Pointwise native format as a starting point for your design modifications or as an aid in learning expert meshing strategies.

Examples of recent mesh generation projects include full aircraft, various types of rotating machinery, and grids for AIAA's High Lift Prediction Workshop (shown below).

One of several structured grids generated under contract for the High Lift Prediction Workshop
Figure 1: One of several structured grids generated under contract for the High Lift Prediction Workshop.

Software Customization

Our software developers can help if your organization has specific requirements for meshing, including the ability to import and export proprietary file formats. We will customize our software to meet your specific needs, calling upon years of experience solving real engineering problems.

Adding grid and boundary condition export for your CFD solver – proprietary, open source or otherwise – can be done via Pointwise's CAE Plugin API and gives you the ultimate control over how that capability is distributed. We can make it part of the baseline version or deliver it only for your use. Recently we've written plugins for Stanford's SU2 open-source CFD code and Dimitri Mavriplis' NSU3D. Let us add your solver to that list.

You can put our in-depth knowledge of advanced meshing techniques and practical focus to work to complete your project on schedule and within budget.

Scripts and Templates

Glyph, Pointwise's scripting language, offers extensive opportunities for customizing and integrating meshing into your analysis process. Consider these opportunities:

  • Automate meshing for your applications with templates
  • Tightly couple meshing with your design tools and optimizers
  • Eliminate cumbersome meshing operations with macros
  • Capture and reuse your organization's unique expertise

Most recently our work for one particular customer reduced meshing time from 1-3 days to less than an hour for dual-flow chevron nozzles on aircraft engines by developing a meshing template. Perhaps more importantly, the user interface to this template (shown below) is cast entirely in nozzle design parameters allowing it to be operated by engineers who aren't CFD or meshing experts. The resulting structured grids are of high quality and well-suited for this type of analysis.

This meshing script for jet nozzles is cast entirely in terms of design parameters.
Figure 2: This meshing script for jet nozzles is cast entirely in terms of design parameters.

Collaborating on Your CFD Needs

Let us help you with your specialized CFD needs, whether it's a specific problem or a customized solution that your organization needs. Our experienced, knowledgeable engineers are here to help. We will be happy to consult with you, solve the problem and help you move on to the next step.

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