CFD Beratung - Pointwise Silver Distributor Since 2011

CFD Beratung became Pointwise's second Silver Distributor in 2011, a level maintained by owner Dipl.-Ing. Uli Fuchs since that time. CFD Beratung became Pointwise's distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2003.

In addition to distributing and supporting Pointwise and Gridgen, CFD Beratung provides consulting services and cooperates with CAOtec GmbH. CAOtec GmbH develops the optimization code CAOne.

automatic structured hexahedral grids for pump designs
Figure 1: Fully structured hexahedral meshes for pump designs can be automatically generated with a Glyph script. The inset shows the grid topology used near the vane leading edge.

Pointwise has a good market position in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the turbomachinery and aerospace industries and customers in the fields of medical and chemical engineering. Recently there has been a growing interest in the renewable energy industry. OpenFOAM® is becoming increasingly popular among industrial users. Additionally with the new CAE-plugin for the DLR CFD code TAU, Pointwise is becoming more widely used by TAU users.

Mr. Fuchs studied Aerospace Engineering at Universität Stuttgart and did his thesis research at the Institut für Raumfahrtsysteme (Institute of Space Systems) working on an academic computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code for magnetoplasmadynamic propulsion systems for spacecraft, completing his studies in 1989. He did support, consulting and training for PHOENICS, FloTHERM and AEA Technology GmbH.

In 1998, Mr. Fuchs and two AEA colleagues founded CFD Consultants GmbH, initially focusing on consulting. The company became a Gridgen distributor for Pointwise in 2000. Mr. Fuchs honed his Gridgen skills as its main representative at CFD Consultants. Mr. Fuchs started CFD Beratung in 2003 and became the sole distributor of Gridgen and later Pointwise in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

CFD study of wind farm interference
Figure 2: This grid was made for an interference study on a wind farm with three wind turbines. The inset shows the structured surface grid on and near the hub on one of the turbines.

If you are located in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland and would like to discuss your mesh generation needs with Mr. Fuchs, you can contact him via the CFD Beratung website at

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