Learn About the Newest Capabilities in Pointwise

[07 Nov 2013] Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) preprocessing becomes more efficient with each new release of Pointwise. With the recent release of Pointwise V17.1 R4, it is a good time to show off the latest additions. In this webinar we will demonstrate features such as the latest CAE solver additions, the capability to easily delete multiple control points at once from a connector, a new block elliptic solver boundary condition, and many more.

New Examine controls allow you to set cut plane increments and range.
New Examine controls allow you to set cut plane increments and range.

Capabilities to be Demonstrated

  • The newly supported CAE solvers
  • Support for OpenFOAM® sets and zones
  • Reading and writing GridPro compatible files
  • Faster CAD surface rendering
  • New Examine cut plane controls
  • Adjacent Grid solver boundary control for structured blocks
  • Deleting multiple control points from connectors and database curves


Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Webinar Video File MP4 Pointwise-Webinar-Learn-About-the-Newest-Capabilities-in-Pointwise-V171R4.mp4 838
Sample Pointwise Project File PW ExhaustNozzle.pw 6.2
Webinar Slides PDF WhatsNewV171R4.pdf 0.7

Learn About the Newest Capabilities in Pointwise V17.1 R4 is also now available on YouTube.

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