Automating Viscous Meshing for a Transonic Aircraft Model Using Glyph Scripting

[5 Oct 2011] Pointwise's scripting language – called Glyph – can speed up your turnaround time by enhancing the reliability and repeatability of the meshing process through automation. This webinar will demonstrate appropriate meshing strategies while automating the grid generation process using Glyph for the NASA Common Research Model from the 4th AIAA Drag Prediction Workshop. Being able to accurately obtain force and moment coefficients is crucial to the prediction of an aircraft's behavior and ultimately its performance. This involves simulating an aircraft during different phases of flight and various configurations. Reliably completing such complex simulations does not depend upon computational hardware alone, but also on mesh quality and the amount of time spent in meshing. This webinar will explain Glyph scripting techniques that address these two important factors in the mesh generation process.

Glyph Scripting

The material to be presented will be of an advanced nature and geared primarily toward people already familiar with the Pointwise software. The webinar will not provide background on meshing techniques but will focus solely on scripting and automation.

Automate Meshing with Glyph Scripting

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Demonstrate reliable meshing strategies using the Pointwise scripting language called Glyph
  • Save time writing code by journaling integral parts of the meshing process
  • Create procedures for commonly used Glyph methods
  • Effortlessly drive grid resolution by parameterizing key variables


Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Webinar Video File MP4 Pointwise-Webinar-Automating-Meshing-With-Glyph-Scripting.mp4 812
Geometry and Mesh PW 32
Glyph Script GLF dpw4Mesher.glf .2
Glyph Script Procedures GLF procs.glf .9

Automating Viscous Meshing for a Transonic Aircraft Model Using Glyph Scripting is also now available on YouTube.

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