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Unstructured Viscous Boundary Layer Meshing: T-Rex

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[04 Apr 2012] For the complex geometries encountered in modern analyses, creating boundary layer resolved meshes can be tedious and error prone, often leaving the engineer with less than satisfactory meshes. Pointwise's anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion method, aka T-Rex, is a robust and highly automated method for creating unstructured boundary layer meshes on complex geometries.

Discover how to

  • Use T-Rex to handle difficult regions such as corners, gaps and high curvature and transitions
  • Construct baffles for localized spacing control and wake resolution
  • Reduce time spent setting up T-Rex meshes with its top-down approach
  • Speed up diagnostics through improved visualization and reporting techniques
  • Convert boundary layer tets into triangular prisms



T-Rex mesh for a UAV

Files for Download

Description Format File Name File Size [KB]
Pointwise Project File PW MixingElbow.pw 443
Webinar Video File WMV V17-T-Rex.wmv 197

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