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Estimating the Power Requirement of a Rushton Turbine Using Pointwise and OpenFOAM®

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[11 Dec 2013] Mixing tanks are heavily used in process industries where high-speed agitation and rapid mixing are necessary. While impeller-stirred tanks promote efficient mixing, the highly three-dimensional flows pose several meshing and simulation challenges. We will address these challenges using a generic, baffled tank stirred by a Rushton turbine. We will demonstrate how to use Pointwise to generate high-quality unstructured meshes suitable for steady-state moving reference frame calculations. Additionally, using Pointwise's recently-updated native interface to OpenFOAM, we will define both the boundary conditions and zones necessary for OpenFOAM inside Pointwise. That's right – Sets are no longer necessary to define a Zone! Lastly, we will describe how to prepare an OpenFOAM case for a moving reference frame calculation and compute the power necessary to drive the Rushton turbine in a single-phase flow.

Discover How To

  • Resolve thin geometric features using diagonalized quad grids
  • Quickly create point-matched periodic surface meshes to improve interpolation accuracy
  • Save time by creating Sets and Zones for OpenFOAM directly within Pointwise
  • Easily setup OpenFOAM cases for moving reference frame calculations
  • Compute torque/power requirements using OpenFOAM functions



Rushton turbine surface mesh

Unstructured Surface Mesh on the Rushton Turbine

OpenFOAM MRF Solution for the Baffled Mixing Tank

Files for Download

Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Webinar Video File WMV Pointwise-Webinar-Power-Requirement-Rushton-Turbine.wmv 180
Uninitialized grid for the Rushton turbine geometry PW RushtonTurbineGrid.pw 16.3
Presentation slides from the webinar PDF RushtonTurbinePresentation.pdf 2.9
The OpenFOAM case files for this application ZIP RushtonTurbineOpenFOAM.zip 0.1
Script to automate domain diagonalization GLF DiagonalizeDoms.glf 0.1
Script to compute cell non-orthogonality GLF NonOrthoMetric.glf 0.1