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Working with Dirty CAD While Meshing a Naval Ship Hull

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[08 Dec 2010] Pointwise reduces the time needed for mesh completion with its flexible techniques for dealing with dirty geometry. In this 45 minute webinar, you will learn how to deal with and clean up the geometry on the U.S. Navy Surface Combatant DTMB 5415 ship hull.

Topics covered in this webinar include

  • Automate cleanup of gaps and overlaps in CAD models using Fault Tolerant Meshing
  • Quickly produce watertight geometry with Solid Meshing and use it to speed up the meshing process
  • Generate missing CAD geometry with Pointwise geometry creation tools
  • Make a grid when you do not have a CAD model



Geometry of the DTMB 5415 Hull Surfaces on the Bow of the DTMB 5415 Hull Solid Model of the DTMB 5415 Hull

Files for Download

Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Bare Hull IGES 5512_Bare_Hull.igs 0.06
Bilge Keel IGES 5512_Bilge_Keel.igs 0.2
Pointwise Geometry Pointwise Project File DTMB5415_Geometry.pw 1.6
Webinar Video File WMV Working-with-Dirty-CAD.wmv 84

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