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Let's Talk Meshing

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Let's Talk Meshing, Presented by Pointwise

Webinars on Mesh Generation for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Seeing is believing and Pointwise's webinars are produced primarily for that purpose - to illustrate and demonstrate how you can influence your CFD solutions through mesh generation. Whether it's a matter of handling complexity, automating a process, or producing a high quality mesh, these webinars will show you what can be done.

Webinar Date Time YouTube
Talking CFD Live 13 May 2016 54:44 Watch Now
The Stanford Solar Car Project's Race for Aerodynamic Efficiency 05 Apr 2016 1:13:58 Watch Now
Talking CFD, EP06 - John Chawner - Pointwise 04 Apr 2016 35:07  
Overset Grid Generation and CFD using Pointwise, Suggar++, and Caelus 08 Dec 2015 78:41 Watch Now
High-Order CFD Technologies
by The Centre for Modelling and Simulation
15 Oct 2015 50:36 Watch Now
Automotive Design Optimization using Pointwise, Sculptor, and OpenFOAM 15 Sep 2015 53:50 Watch Now
Land-Speed Record Attempt Uses High-Fidelity, High-Speed CFD 28 Apr 2015 49:53 Watch Now
Overset Tools and Other New Features in Pointwise V17.3 26 Feb 2015 56:21 Watch Now
SU2-Pointwise Joint Workshop 29-30 Sep 2014 4:00:00+ Watch Now
The State of Simulation: It's a Wonderful Time to be Using CFD
16 Sep 2014 1:00:00+ Watch Now
Mesh Topology Influence on Volute Aerodynamic Performance Computed Using Code Leo 27 Aug 2014 40:24 Watch Now
Introducing Unstructured Hexahedral Extrusion in Pointwise V17.2 03 Jun 2014 40:24 Watch Now
Supersonic Aircraft Shape Design Powered by SU2 and Pointwise 29 Apr 2014 1:12:34 Watch Now
Estimating the Power Requirement of a Rushton Turbine Using Pointwise and OpenFOAM 11 Dec 2013 1:02:27 Watch Now
Learn About the Newest Capabilities in Pointwise V17.1 R4 07 Nov 2013 25:22 Watch Now
CFD Analysis of Cavitation and Acoustics of a High Energy Water Injection Pump 12 Sep 2013 49:11 Watch Now
Meshing Forensics II: How To Overcome Common Structured Gridding Pitfalls 20 Jun 2013 59:00 Watch Now
Meshing Forensics: How To Recover When Things Go Wrong 08 May 2013 47:32 Watch Now
What's New in Pointwise V17.1 21 Feb 2013 43:41 Watch Now
Attempting to Break the Land Speed Record with the Help of CFD 07 Nov 2012 52:03 Watch Now
Structured Meshing for Low-Speed Ship Maneuvering Simulations 22 Aug 2012 55:21 Watch Now
How T-Rex Unstructured Meshing Aids Transonic Aircraft Drag Reduction 2 May 2012 51:41 Watch Now
What's New in Pointwise 11 Apr 2012 37:06 Watch Now
Unstructured Viscous Boundary Layer Meshing: T-Rex  4 Apr 2012 33:09 Watch Now
Getting Started with Pointwise 28 Mar 2012 34:12 Watch Now
High-fidelity, High-productivity CFD Simulations of Airflow over a Golf Club Head  7 Dec 2011 53:31 Watch Now
Automating Viscous Meshing for a Transonic Aircraft Model Using Glyph Scripting  5 Oct 2011 34:25 Watch Now
How to Master Hybrid Meshing for Wind Turbines 13 Jul 2011 1:00:59 Watch Now
Parametric Optimization for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Using Independent CFD Tools 14 Apr 2011 53:15 Watch Now
Working with Dirty CAD While Meshing a Naval Ship Hull  8 Dec 2010 1:09:16 Watch Now
Quick Hiqh-Quality Structured Meshing for Axial Pumps 15 Sep 2010 51:40 Watch Now