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Pointwise User Group Meeting 2014


Webinars on Mesh Generation for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Seeing is believing and Pointwise's webinars are produced primarily for that purpose - to illustrate and demonstrate how you can influence your CFD solutions through mesh generation. Whether it's a matter of handling complexity, automating a process, or producing a high quality mesh, these webinars will show you what can be done.

Webinar Date Time YouTube
Mesh Topology Influence on Volute Aerodynamic Performance Computed Using Code Leo 27 Aug 2014 40:24 Watch Now
Introducing Unstructured Hexahedral Extrusion in Pointwise V17.2 03 Jun 2014 40:24 Watch Now
Supersonic Aircraft Shape Design Powered by SU2 and Pointwise 29 Apr 2014 1:12:34 Watch Now
Estimating the Power Requirement of a Rushton Turbine Using Pointwise and OpenFOAM 11 Dec 2013 1:02:27 Watch Now
Learn About the Newest Capabilities in Pointwise V17.1 R4 07 Nov 2013 25:22 Watch Now
CFD Analysis of Cavitation and Acoustics of a High Energy Water Injection Pump 12 Sep 2013 49:11 Watch Now
Meshing Forensics II: How To Overcome Common Structured Gridding Pitfalls 20 Jun 2013 59:00 Watch Now
Meshing Forensics: How To Recover When Things Go Wrong 08 May 2013 47:32 Watch Now
What's New in Pointwise V17.1 21 Feb 2013 43:41 Watch Now
Attempting to Break the Land Speed Record with the Help of CFD 07 Nov 2012 52:03 Watch Now
Structured Meshing for Low-Speed Ship Maneuvering Simulations 22 Aug 2012 55:21 Watch Now
How T-Rex Unstructured Meshing Aids Transonic Aircraft Drag Reduction 2 May 2012 51:41 Watch Now
What's New in Pointwise 11 Apr 2012 37:06 Watch Now
Unstructured Viscous Boundary Layer Meshing: T-Rex  4 Apr 2012 33:09 Watch Now
Getting Started with Pointwise 28 Mar 2012 34:12 Watch Now
High-fidelity, High-productivity CFD Simulations of Airflow over a Golf Club Head  7 Dec 2011 53:31 Watch Now
Automating Viscous Meshing for a Transonic Aircraft Model Using Glyph Scripting  5 Oct 2011 34:25 Watch Now
How to Master Hybrid Meshing for Wind Turbines 13 Jul 2011 1:00:59 Watch Now
Parametric Optimization for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Using Independent CFD Tools 14 Apr 2011 53:15 Watch Now
Working with Dirty CAD While Meshing a Naval Ship Hull  8 Dec 2010 1:09:16 Watch Now
Quick Hiqh-Quality Structured Meshing for Axial Pumps 15 Sep 2010 51:40 Watch Now