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Webinar on Pointwise Version 17.3

Overset Tools and Other New Features in Pointwise V17.3

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Try Pointwise's overset grid assembly with your own free trial of the software.

[26 Feb 2015] Join us as we demonstrate and discuss the new features available in Pointwise Version 17.3. You will learn about the new overset grid assembly tools and other new features like the Examine in Solve command. This webinar will demonstrate how you can make your meshing experience much more efficient using all the new tools in this latest release of the software.

Discover How To

  • Set up attributes for and run an external overset assembler
  • Assign display attributes to blocks and models
  • Use arbitrary cutting planes and Examine in Solve
  • Use improved drawing of connectors on database surfaces
  • Align the view to a domain or surface normal

Learn About New Features

  • New plugins, CAD reader versions, and other I/O enhancements
  • Improved entity layer assignment
  • Project command improvements
  • Improved normal vector rendering for Orient
  • New T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion) attribute data table and defaults
  • New display window drawing guide overlay



visualizing the fringe/donor volume ratio

The new overset Examine diagnostic shows fringe/donor volume
ratio in this example of an aircraft wing.

Files for Download

Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Webinar Video File WMV Pointwise-Webinar-New-Features-V173.wmv 83
Presentation Slides PDF Pointwise-Webinar-V173-New-Features-2015-02-26.pdf 1.5