Localized Remeshing Strategies for Parametric Models in Pointwise

[25 May 2016] Scientists and engineers frequently engage in studies involving parametric analysis models. These models are typically similar to each other with only slight variations in shape of the underlying CAD surfaces. Other times these models consist of several components or parts that can be mixed and matched in a variety of configurations. In either scenario, remeshing each individual configuration can be a time consuming and expensive task that inhibits the analysis' scope. Furthermore, remeshing the entire configuration can cause changes in the analysis results due to global mesh differences and not just due to changes in the configuration.

In this video, we demonstrate a couple of different strategies users can leverage in Pointwise to limit changes to only those localized regions in their computational domain that have been modified from one configuration to the next helping them spend more time focusing on the results of their parametric studies.

Various meshed components of the DrivAer benchmark model.
Various meshed components of the DrivAer benchmark model.

Discover how to:

  • Take advantage of Pointwise's native CAD file import capabilities to have existing surface meshes automatically mapped to changes in underlying CAD surfaces
  • Effectively manage projects using layers to help organize and exchange parts within an assembly
  • Combine component grids quickly using auto merge
  • Copy, paste, and transform components to easily re-use parts that are already meshed
  • Use T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion) features to match cell spacing at interface boundaries when making localized changes to your volume mesh


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Localized Remeshing Strategies for Parametric Models in Pointwise is also now available on YouTube.

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