Introduction to Scripting in Pointwise

[11 Feb 2015] In this Let's Talk Meshing video, we present a basic introduction to scripting in Pointwise and lay the framework for customization of the meshing process through scripts. Scripting in Pointwise is accomplished with Glyph, an extension of Tcl.

Creating a script in Pointwise can be a quick process with the right approach.
Creating a script in Pointwise can be a quick process with the right approach.

We present suggested practices for developing scripts, as well as provide references and techniques for determining the relevant scripting commands and syntax. We begin with the basic syntax of both Tcl and Glyph and then dissect a script from Pointwise's journal to demonstrate the ease of getting started with scripting.


Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Webcast Video File MP4 Pointwise-Webcast-Introduction-to-Scripting-in-Pointwise.mp4 41
Pointwise Project File PW 1
Simple Script GLF squeezeCon-Simple-Comments.glf 1
Full Script (via GitHub): GLF 1

Introduction to Scripting in Pointwise is also now available on YouTube.

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