Structured Grid for an Aneurysm

[29 January 2014] Creating a fully structured grid on a complex organic shape can be a difficult task. Because of the smooth surface shape, it requires a bit of creative thinking and specialized tools to define a mesh topology with good orthogonality and little skew. Pointwise makes it possible to quickly build a high quality structured hexahedral mesh, while also giving complete control over grid spacing and cell quality.

As part of the CFD Challenge hosted by Dr. Gabor Janiga at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, two aneurysm geometries were provided and participants were encouraged to use CFDtools to predict which of the two models had a higher probability of rupture. In this video, we will demonstrate how to create a multiblock structured volume mesh for one of the aneurysm geometries.

Rupture prediction in intracranial aneurysms: a CFD challenge

Learn how to

  • Efficiently work with discrete geometry
  • Quickly generate O-H topology for circular geometry
  • Greatly improve cell quality using the elliptic solver
  • Expedite repetitive tasks with scripts
  • Inspect grid quality using various Examine metrics


Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Webcast Video File MP4 Pointwise-Webcast-Structured-Grid-for-an-Aneurysm.mp4 1445
Script GLF CreateOH
Script GLF ButterflyMaker

Structured Grid for an Aneurysm is also now available on YouTube.

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