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Webcast: Multi-block Structured Meshing of a Diffusing S-Duct

Multi-block Structured Meshing of a Diffusing S-Duct

Pointwise Webcast Multi-block Structured Meshing of a Diffusing S-Duct

[25 July 2017] Meshing internal flow geometries is typically straightforward using multi-block structured meshing techniques, which are known to improve solution accuracy in flow solvers relative to typical unstructured meshes due to the alignment of cell face normals with the flow direction.

In this webcast, we use a diffusing serpentine inlet to demonstrate some of the more advanced structured meshing techniques available in Pointwise to quickly create a multi-block structured mesh. These meshing strategies highlight how Pointwise users can generate uniform, boundary-layer resolved grids with exceptional cell shape quality where the inlet’s shape transitions from something with a square cross-section upstream to a circular shape at the exit.

Discover how to:

  • Import CAD models using the improved native CAD Reader in Pointwise V18
  • Employ solid modeling techniques to prepare imported geometry for multi-block structured meshing
  • Generate uniform, boundary-layer resolved grids using Pointwise’s hyperbolic extrusion capability
  • Optimally smooth block boundaries and their interiors using advanced features of the elliptical solver
  • Examine cell shape quality using built-in a priori metrics
  • Apply CAE flow solver boundary conditions, and export both mesh and boundary conditions from Pointwise


Multi-block Structured Meshing of a Diffusing S-Duct is now available on .


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