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Let's Talk Meshing

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2014


Let's Talk Meshing

Let's Talk Meshing

Tips for Handling Complex Geometries, Very Large Grids

The geometry for the partially-dressed, closed-cavity nose landing gear consists of approximately 1,000 surfaces, including all the main structural elements of the gear assembly.
landing gear

You're invited to Let's Talk Meshing, our interactive forum for sharing best practices, methodologies, and application tips on mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). A prerecorded video will be posted to YouTube and the Pointwise engineers who made the grid will be available for a live discussion and a Q&A session.

This Let's Talk Meshing video steps you through the meshing process for creating an unstructured grid around a moderately complex geometry. We pay particular attention to solid modeling, uses for scripting, local grid refinement, and creating orthogonal cells in the boundary layers. The geometry was provided by NASA and Gulfstream as a test case for participants in the BANC-III aeroacoustics workshop held in conjunction with the 2014 AIAA Aviation conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in June.

Aeroacoustic simulations require a well resolved flow field, from which pressure fluctuations are used to calculate frequency spectra. Such simulations are most often performed with hybrid RANS/LES or DDES, requiring very smooth transitions in cell volumes and highly resolved surface grids. We will show you how to create such a grid in Pointwise and will demonstrate best practices for handling complex CAD geometries and obtaining a mesh suitable for this type of application.

Video & Scripts

Come back here on the day of the event for links to the video and the script used in creating the mesh.

How to Participate

YouTube: Submit questions in the comments section of our video on YouTube and our engineers will answer them there. (Reminder: YouTube requires you to have a Google+ account to comment.)

Twitter: #LetsTalkMeshing is a live streaming conversation utilizing Twitter. (Reminder: Twitter requires you to have an account to comment.)

CFD Online: Participate in the discussion on CFD Online's Pointwise Preprocessing Forum. (Reminder: CFD Online requires that you register for the forum in order to post comments.)

Email: Submit questions to letstalk@pointwise.com.

For More Information

Return here at 10:00 a.m. on 6 August for the video premier or sign-up for reminders using the form below.

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