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Gridgen User Group Meeting 2006

April 24-25, 2006

The third annual Gridgen User Group Meeting was held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in Irving, Texas on April 24-25, 2006. The meeting included special Gridgen training seminars, presentations by Pointwise staff on new Gridgen developments, exhibits by our partners, and user presentations. This year, attendees also had an opportunity to "kick the tires" of our next generation meshing software at the V16 Test Drive.

Agenda | Keynote Speaker | V16 Test Drive | Exhibits | Seminars


Monday, April 24
Beg. End Event Room
8:00 8:30 Registration &
Continental Breakfast
Galleria Foyer
8:30 10:00 Gridgen Training Galleria 4
10:00 10:15 Break Galleria Foyer
10:15 12:00 Gridgen Training Galleria 4
12:00 1:30 Buffet Lunch Galleria Foyer
1:30 2:30 Gridgen Training Galleria 4
2:30 3:00 Dessert Break Galleria Foyer
3:00 6:30 One-on-One Sessions Galleria 4
5:30 6:30 V16 Advisory Team Meeting Estates Boardroom
6:30 8:00 Welcome Reception &
Vendor Exhibits
Galleria Foyer
Tuesday, April 25
Beg. End Event Room
8:00 8:30 Registration,
Continental Breakfast, & Vendor Exhibits
Galleria Foyer
8:30 9:15 Welcome, Introductions, Current Status of Gridgen Galleria 3 & 4
9:15 10:00 Keynote Presentation
Bill Clark, Director of Engineering Software Business Unit, CD-adapco
Galleria 3 & 4
10:00 10:30 Break & Vendor Exhibits Galleria Foyer
10:30 11:00 Physics Tailored Grids for Complex Problems Using Gridgen, Jeremy Shipman, CRAFT, Inc. Galleria 3 & 4
11:00 11:30 Gridgen's Role in Rapid Aerodynamic Analysis on the JSF Program, Perry Wooden, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. Galleria 3 & 4
11:30 12:00 A Framework for Automated Grid Generation, Nick Wyman, Manager, Product Development, Pointwise Galleria 3 & 4
12:00 1:00 Plated Lunch Grand Atrium
1:00 1:30 Customer Support: Helping You Use Gridgen More Efficiently, Richard Matus, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Pointwise Galleria 3 & 4
1:30 2:00 Gridgen in Naval Applications, Minyee Jiang, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Div. Galleria 3 & 4
2:00 2:30 Scripted Hybrid Mesh Adaptation for High Incidence RANS Flows About Axisymmetric Shapes, George Watt, Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic Galleria 3 & 4
2:30 3:30 CFD Gallery Galleria Foyer
3:30 4:00 Applying Gridgen to Turbomachinery Applications at Barber Nichols, Inc., Jeff Noall, Barber Nichols, Inc. Galleria 3 & 4
4:00 4:30 Computational Fluid Dynamics Analyses of the GBU-12 B/B off Station 2 on the Joint Strike Fighter CV-Variant (JSF-F35C), Darren Grove, NAVAIR AIR Galleria 3 & 4
4:30 5:00 The Future of Gridgen Galleria 3 & 4
5:00 6:30 V16 Test Drive Chagall
6:30 8:30 After Party Allstars Sports Bar

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bill Clark, Director of Engineering Software Business Unit, CD-adapco

The Gridgen User Group Meeting 2006 keynote presentation was given by Dr. Bill Clark. Dr. Clark is the Director of Engineering Software Business Unit at CD-adapco, a leading Computational Fluid Dynamics software and solutions provider. He is responsible for directing CD-adapco's American business operations including software sale and support. Dr. Clark received his undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from Purdue University. Dr. Clark later went on to obtain a Masters and Ph.D. from Duke University where his research focused on the numerical simulation of unsteady aerodynamics and aeroelasticity of rotating machinery. Dr. Clark has worked both in industry - Allison Gas Turbine and Rolls Royce and academia - Research Professor Duke University - prior to joining CD-adapco in 2000. He is a member of the ASME and the AIAA and has CFD related publications in journals, conference proceedings and trade magazines.

V16 Test Drive

Gridgen User Group Meeting attendees had the opportunity to experience our next-generation meshing software during the V16 Test Drive on Tuesday afternoon. After Pointwise's presentation about The Future of Gridgen, workstations were available for attendees to use and comment on a pre-release version of V16.

CFD Gallery & Exhibits

AMD | CD-adapco | Fluent | Intelligent Light | Optimal Solutions | SGI


The AMD OpteronTM processor, enabling simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing, represents the landmark introduction of AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture. The AMD OpteronTM processor is designed to run existing 32-bit applications with outstanding performance and offers customers a simplified migration path to 64-bit computing. AMD is continuing to drive technology leadership by introducing another computing first: multi-core technology for the x86-based computing market. Dual-core AMD Opteron processors extend AMD�s Direct Connect Architecture by connecting two CPUs on one die, improving overall system performance and efficiency. AMD dual-core technology includes a matched I/O controller for every 2 cores providing a truly scalable solution for a variety of customer needs.


CD-adapco (www.cd-adapco.com) is the leading global provider of full-spectrum engineering simulation (CAE) solutions for fluid flow, heat transfer and stress, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, CAD-embedded CFD options, and CAE consulting services and training. Its principal offices are in New York, London and Yokohama with subsidiary offices across the world.


Fluent Inc. (www.fluent.com) is the world's largest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software provider. In the aerospace and defense industries, our products are used to analyze environmental control systems, anti-icing systems, aerodynamics, rotor-airframe interactions, fuel sloshing, fire suppression, and propulsion systems, including combustors, and moving-body problems such as store separation, valve opening/closing, and stage separation.


FIELDVIEW from Intelligent Light (www.ilight.com) is an advanced, easy-to-use post processor designed specifically for CFD. The value of CFD to your business is in the decisions that it helps you make. Decisions are made while post-processing the CFD data. FIELDVIEW can help you leverage all of the effort put into obtaining solutions and add value by helping you to quickly and easily turn raw data into meaningful pictures and animations that everyone can understand. These capabilities will increase confidence in your decision making process, improve productivity and ultimately lead to better designs and products. FIELDVIEW is available for UNIX, Linux and Windows. Free trials and educational discounts are available.


Optimal Solutions Software, LLC, (www.optimalsolutions.us) offers SculptorTM, a CFD design program that provides the ability to parameterize CFD models and perform real-time shape deformation without the need to revisit the CAD model. When coupled with design optimization algorithms, Sculptor performs automatic CFD shape optimization. These tools help eliminate the numerous iterations inherent in the design process were one modifies the CAD model, remeshes, and then completes the CFD analysis.

Optimal Solutions� Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology used by Sculptor automatically, in real-time, alters shapes that are typically very complex and hard to manipulate into designs that improve performance - without having to remesh. The deformations are smooth and volumetric to maintain cell quality for the CFD calculations. When coupled with Gridgen's reliable CFD meshing, Sculptor helps find more accurate designs in less time, resulting in appreciable amounts of time and money being saved.


Silicon Graphics®, Inc (www.sgi.com) is a leader in providing high performance computing (HPC), visualization and storage solutions. SGI uses industry standard components, like the Intel® Itanium® 2 processor, combined with a unique shared-memory system architecture to deliver 64-bit HPC solutions running the Linux® OS at an affordable price. SGI® Altix® servers and clusters provide superior performance and scalability that are easy to deploy, program, and manage. Whether it's performing analysis to determine the aerodynamics of a wing, studying blood flow in an artery, or evaluating the flow around an automobile, SGI is dedicated to addressing the next class of challenges for scientific and engineering users.

Hybrid Meshing Seminars

Users interested in learning more about the hands-on use of Gridgen are invited to the Gridgen Seminars on Monday, April 24. The topic of both seminars will be Gridgen's hybrid meshing capability. The first seminar will provide an introduction to the basics of hybrid meshing for the new user. The second seminar delves deeper into the topic including advanced features and tricks to get the most out of the hybrid meshing.