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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

September 2015, Special Edition

Pointwise V17.3 R4 is Now Available

Pointwise V17.3 R4 is Now Available

Pointwise Version 17.3 R4 is now available for download and production use. In addition to many bug fixes, this version is compatible with three new file formats. (more)

Pointwise Wallpaper Contest

Celebrate Meshing Artistry in our Wallpaper Contest

Participate in the Pointwise Wallpaper Contest. This is your opportunity to show off your most beautiful and artistic mesh generated in Pointwise and share it with everyone around the world who appreciates the hidden beauty of grids. Let your meshing artistry flow.

Entry deadline is 30 October 2015. You will receive a Pointwise T-shirt just for participating. Good Luck! And may the most exquisite mesh win.

Contest details can be found at www.pointwise.com/wallpaper.