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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

September / October 2014

overset grids

Why You Should Be Using Overset Grids

The next release of Pointwise features overset grid assembly integration and native support for two assemblers: PEGASUS 5 and Suggar++. Pointwise's new features ease the construction of overset grid systems with visualization and diagnostics of overset grid attributes directly in a mesher. (more)

wind turbine siting

Glyph Scripting Automates Terrain Meshing for Wind Turbine Siting

Texas A&M University student Scott Evetts worked as a Pointwise intern this summer. He had no prior CFD or mesh generation experience, but he was able to accomplish a great deal in three months. Here he describes one of his Glyph scripting projects. (more)

boundary layer stability

Pointwise Meshes for Computation of Basic States in Boundary Layer Stability

Boundary layer transition from laminar to turbulent affects heat transfer, drag, and engine performance, but is still poorly understood. Researchers at Texas A&M are developing computational methods for predicting transition across all speed ranges. (more)

software training

Pointwise Training Includes Overset, New Tools and Techniques

Training at the Pointwise User Group Meeting will include overset meshing, the latest productivity tools, techniques for making high-quality unstructured hexahedral cells using T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion) and an Advanced Structured Gridding short course. (more)