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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

September / October 2012

Drag Effects

Drag Effects of Heating and Cooling Cylinders in Crossflow

The reduction of the drag force on all types and shapes of objects has historically been, and remains, a major focus of aerodynamicists and fluid mechanics researchers everywhere. Aircraft, automobiles, rockets, boats, and a multitude of... (more)

Analytic vs. Discrete Geometry

Analytic vs. Discrete Geometry

Talking to engineers evaluating our software has made it apparent that many people think that all mesh generators use an underlying geometry that is discrete in nature, when in fact Pointwise can import, manipulate and mesh the… (more)


Interface With the World Using Pointwise CAE Plugins

Pointwise makes beautiful grids, but no one makes grids just for art's sake. Pointwise only fills an intermediate step in the analysis process. In order to be useful, grids must be exported to some other analysis software, requiring the grid and boundary condition zone information to be… (more)

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2013

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2013 Call for Papers

Pointwise wants you to show off your Pointwise and Gridgen meshing experiences with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) community. We are seeking presenters who want to share the secrets of their successes at the Pointwise User Group Meeting on… (more)