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September / October 2011

T-Rex in the Real World: Troubleshooting Difficult Grids

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Register today for the Pointwise UGM 2011

Join us at the Pointwise User Group Meeting for the short course, T-Rex in the Real World: Troubleshooting Difficult Grids. We will be talking about Pointwise's viscous unstructured meshing technique, known as T-Rex, the overwhelming choice of users who participated in our short-course topic poll.

Special Short Course Final Voting Results

Figure 1: T-Rex is your choice for a special short course at the Pointwise UGM. +

T-Rex is a tool you are going to like for dealing with complex mesh generation problems, for example narrow gaps, high curvature regions, transitioning from viscous to non-viscous boundaries. We also will cover difficulties like growing T-Rex layers from quadrilateral surface meshes. We will discuss typical difficulties encountered, give an overview of the appropriate strategy to resolve them and show specific examples that demonstrate the solution for each of these challenging scenarios.

We hope you will join us at the Pointwise User Group Meeting and participate in all it offers.

To read more about the training being offered, see the UGM Training Courses page.

T-Rex in the Real World

Figure 2: Learn how T-Rex thrives in the real world of meshing. +

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