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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

September / October 2011

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2011

Presenters Named for Pointwise User Group Meeting

Presenters have been announced for the Pointwise User Group Meeting in Fort Worth, TX, on 8-9 November. Presentations range from aerospace and wind energy to design and a billion-cell meshing case study. Presenters and their topics are... (more)


Meshing is Vital to Formula SAE at UTA

Over the past year, use of Pointwise for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation has helped increase productivity drastically on the Formula SAE team at the University of Texas at Arlington. In the past, we have studied the behavior of our car from an aerodynamic perspective by analyzing components such as the undertray, wings, and the full car. However, for the 2012 formula car, we plan to... (more)

New Features in Pointwise V17

New Meshing Capabilities Coming in Pointwise Version 17

Internal development of new features for Pointwise Version 17.0 is complete. While we test, document, and otherwise prepare the release for you, here is a preview of what is coming in... (more)

Skin Friction Lines Near Strut/Wall Interaction

Pointwise Aids Hypersonic CFD at the University of Queensland

The University of Queensland participates in the Pointwise Teaching Partnership program. During 2010, Pointwise was used for our undergraduate thesis courses and a senior elective course in hypersonics and rarefied gas dynamics. It also was used for the... (more)

T-Rex in the Real World

T-Rex in the Real World: Troubleshooting Difficult Grids

Join us at the Pointwise User Group Meeting for the short course, T-Rex in the Real World: Troubleshooting Difficult Grids. We will be talking about Pointwise's viscous unstructured meshing technique, known as T-Rex, the overwhelming choice of users who participated in our short-course topic poll. T-Rex is a tool you are going to... (more)