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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

November / December 2012

What's Coming in Pointwise V17.1

Advancing Front Mesher and Faster I/O Coming to Pointwise

When Pointwise Version 17.1 is released for production use (the release process is under way as you read this), you'll have access to a variety of new features that run the gamut from basic meshing algorithms to… (more)

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2013

Come On Down to Texas for the Pointwise User Group Meeting

Does one of your hobbies involve creating meshes for computational fluid dynamics (CFD)? Do you spend the evenings daydreaming about preprocessing? Are you excited about a mesh and want to show it off? Do you like to eat barbeque? If you answered yes to… (more)

A Quantum Leap in Meshing Capabilities

Pointwise is a Quantum Jump Forward in Meshing

Earlier this year, Chris Sideroff wrote an entry on the Pointwise blog, How Meshing Stole a Year of My Life, in which he explained how creating a mesh for personal micro-environment studies took months to complete during his Ph.D. research in 2007 but now could be… (more)


Planned End of Proprietary UNIX Support for Gridgen

Pointwise plans to cease new development of Gridgen on HP-UX, IRIX, and Solaris. This means that the recently released Version 15.18 will be the last version to support those platforms. Any future versions of Gridgen will only support… (more)

computational aeroacoustics

Mesh Generation for Airframe Noise Computations

As a company, one of Pointwise's goals is to be a good advocate of the meshing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) communities. Being an advocate means participating in technical conferences and workshops… (more)