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November / December 2011

New Glyph Scripting Training Course and a Chance to Save 50 Percent

Glyph, Pointwise's scripting language speeds your mesh generation by automating repetitive tasks. There is not time to cover all that scripting has to offer in our standard training classes so Pointwise is offering a special Glyph training class 20-22 March 2012 in Fort Worth, Texas, to cover the techniques for developing efficient scripts.

Register by 24 February to receive a special 50 percent discount on the registration fee of $500. The final registration deadline is 9 March. Register online now at www.pointwise.com/support/register.shtml.

If you want to automate the entire meshing process for your geometries, parameterize the grid generation process, make meshing macros/utilities, or couple Pointwise with an optimizer or other software, you can do it with Glyph. Glyph even lets you do things that are not possible through the graphical interface. Want to rotate the image in the Pointwise display window by an exact angle? There already is a script available for that on our Glyph Script Exchange at www.pointwise.com/glyph.

Scripts can have elaborate user interfaces

Figure 1: Glyph scripting was used to create an interface that allows a user to select an airfoil, then define and create a C-style structured mesh automatically. +

Glyph, based on the open source scripting language Tcl, is a full programming language that includes variables and arrays, control statements and conditionals, access to file system and operating system functions, and all Pointwise operations. Glyph also provides the ability to customize Pointwise commands to suit your needs, as well as create custom tools complete with unique user interfaces.

Please join us for this special new course. We will explore all that Glyph scripting has to offer. Topics will include but are not limited to

  • Basic Tcl syntax and conventions
  • Transitioning from Glyph 1 to Glyph 2
  • Database and grid entity generation
  • Connector dimensioning and distribution
  • Extruding grid entities
  • Solver functions
  • Grid diagnostics
  • Boundary condition specification
  • Procedure creation
  • Basic Tk widget creation

Pointwise Training

Figure 2: Pointwise training involves a mixture of lecture and hands-on exercises. +

Don't delay. Reserve your spot in this new scripting training course before the 50 percent discount expires.

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