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May / June 2013

TAEYANG Enjoys Smooth Sailing

Youngjin Seo, Ph.D., from TAEYANG IT Co., Ltd. builds his Pointwise business on the water. The marine industry is big in South Korea, home of four of the world's five largest shipbuilders, including number one Hyundai Heavy Industries. The importance of fuel economy makes design critical in this competitive market and that is where Pointwise's meshing software demonstrates its value.

Having taken advantage of the opportunities in the marine market, TAEYANG was one of Pointwise's fastest growing distributors in 2012 The seven major shipbuilding companies in South Korea have licenses of Pointwise's software.

Dr. Seo's marketing strategy emphasizes the unique ways Pointwise software helps customers reliably obtain accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) results in the challenging marine industry and introduces other industries to the software. He provides training classes and onsite instruction to help users understand all Pointwise has to offer.

He believes Pointwise's high quality hex meshing has promoted the popularity of the software, which also attracts those who want an easy-to-use product that takes little time.

Dr. Seo sees future growth in the Korean aerospace industry. The four major aerospace companies in the country are use Pointwise's software, again due to the way it helps them reliably get accurate CFD results.

Before joining TAEYANG, Dr. Seo worked for several companies, including the Hyundai Electronics Company in the Airbag Electronic Control Unit for five years; KAIDAS and EYTI. He started working with Pointwise's original meshing software, Gridgen, in 1999 when he was at another company, Sunnytech. Sunnytech sold several products, including Gridgen.

Dr. Seo joined TAEYANG in 2005. The company principally does network design and installation. Pointwise's meshing software is the only CAE product distributed by the company. Dr. Seo also does structural, thermal, electromagnetic analysis and CFD consulting.

Dr. Seo earned a bachelor's degree at YONSEI University, majoring in electronic engineering. His master's degree and Ph.D. are from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, where he majored in aerospace engineering. The subject of his doctoral thesis was “Aeroelastic Analysis of Missile Fin Considering Multiple Structural Nonlinearities”. He also had additional training at Siemens in Regensburg, Germany, for one year and at TRW in Indianapolis, Indiana, for two months.

KCS hull grid, side view

Figure 1: Structured grids for the hull surface (orange) and symmetry plane (green) of the KCS container ship model show some of the blocking topology used. +

KCS hull grid, isometric view

Figure 2: This isometric view shows more of the structured blocking topology. +

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