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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

March / April 2014

Renewable Energy

Co-Simulation for the Renewable Energy Sector

Many simulations within the field of renewable energy involve the coupling of different physics. An exemplary example is the analysis of a wind turbine. Here the… (more)

Selecting Entities in Pointwise

Good User Experience Begins with Entity Selection

Pointwise gives you the ability to manipulate practically every aspect of your grid. Although this provides the ability to devote attention to the object being studied – the airfoil, turbine blade, or in this case… (more)

grid visualization with EnSight

Grid Visualization and Inspection with EnSight

Appropriate grid generation is a key aspect to obtaining a high quality CFD solution in an efficient manner. Inspection of grids to assess element quality, grid density, and grid placement is critical to the setup of… (more)

simulation driven design

Product Design, Simulation, and Meshing

Are engineers actually making design decisions based on simulation results? The 2013 State of Simulation Driven Design Report, written by Chad Jackson, says yes. But there are some surprises in the data. Our overview of this special report includes an opportunity for you to order, at no cost, the full report for your own in-depth reading. (more)